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You Can Always Come Home – To the Blog

So, I’m back after a short time away from the grid. Ever get so overwhelmed with something you just have to step away for awhile? Well it happened to me. Balancing new friends on Facebook, Twitter, Twitter search for FedEx, FriendFeed and try to build my music profile on Last.FM wore me out. Couple that with a family vacation and some good times at work and I was due for a break from it all.

So, why now?  Why am I back now?  Well, I was fortunate enough to attend a digital/social media summit hosted by FedEx and First Tennessee Bank. The summit was kicked off by Josh Bernoff of Groundswell fame and capped by an AMEX VP of Digital Technology. It was great to be sitting in a room full of people with manager, director, VP and SVP in their titles and all being energized with the possibilities and opportunities of social media. Normally, it’s a handful of us “dudes in cubes” that get excited about this stuff, but I really felt like there was a sense of urgency and willingness to try. That’s huge.

Will there be a Groundswell at FedEx? Well, there’s already a small one. Obviously, Dell has set the standard on what a social media black-belt looks like, but one thing that did resonate is that listening to the community is just as valuable as fully participating in it.

I look forward to the future and seeing what’s in store.

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