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My Summer Road Trip

bootsontheroadI’m doing a summer road trip with the new hybrids. This was done as a way to get content for the FedEx Citizenship blog, meet new team members and document the trucks’ journey.  Very cool that the Commercial Appeal wrote about my trip.

FedEx spokesman Matt Ceniceros is blogging his way across the country riding jumpseat in one of the company’s newly converted hybrid-electric walk-in vans.

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Gators and Crocs Have It Bad

First pythons attack the gator population in Florida and now Lepoards are attacking the crocs in South Africa.  The Telegraph has these amazing photos. Awesome.


And in other news…‘Extinct’ Leopard Cub Discovered in Bangladesh. Leopards are having the best week ever!!!


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“Social Media Experts”

geekThis post has been brewing in me for awhile.  Maybe a long road trip was just thing to make me sit down and put it on paper.  The idea that there are social media experts is something I can buy. In fact, I think there are some people that have practiced the tools of social media long enough that their proficiency to communicate, relate and perfect a craft (podcast, vlog, blog, twitter).

However, when a those people start to criticize others on their use, or mis-use, of the medium, I take issue.  Social media is hitting its puberty.  It’s beyond it’s infant stage, stumbled through the toddler years. Several companies and people made the grade and now social media’s face is marked with pimples and a mouth full of braces.  The awkward years are upon us.  Do you remember middle school?  Awkward.

The fact is the trailblazers of the space have written their books, have done the television shows and have helped to justify this space as being a legitimate marketing discipline.  So, all that talking and video work has lead to mainstream America to join the cloud.  The new guys on the street are now making all the same mistakes the visionaries made before…before when no one was paying attention.  Instead of opening the metaphorical wing and embracing the new comers, we’re blasting them. FAIL!!! DIAF!!! URDOINITWRONGOKTHXBYE!!!

Nothing like the cool-nerd crowd to start treating non-nerds like nerds.  And when non-self-proclaimed nerds start using the medium, the community is quick to jump on them.

I see it all this way.  People are scaring people, business and management to believe that social media needs to be taken seriously.  They want to set examples of others to show value.  Guess what? URDOINITWRONG.

Value is proven day-to-day. Value is proven in support of the business.  Value is not inherently funny or cool.  I know it’s not fair, but value was never applied to cool.  Cool is cool. In fact, the only thing cooler than cool is Ice Cold.  And the only thing lamer than lame is a social media “expert” not supporting the community in which they live.

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