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I’m Not Blogging, But I’m Thinking About It

time-managing-social-mediaSeriously. I have ideas, just haven’t had time, motivation to sit down and write. I’ll do it sometime, but just not now.

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Call Me, Call Me, Call Me Anytime…

memcallcenterWanted to share this cool story that I was lucky enough to be a part of at the FedEx call center here in Memphis. I met some really cool people and look forward to getting back soon. But for now: FedEx customer call center delivers answers on time, all the time.

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FedEx Citizenship Blog Takes Gold


Another proud day to announce the FedEx Citizenship blog was awarded the W3 Gold Award for Business Blog. w3gold

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Google Celebrates Buying Things

Well, it’s celebrating the barcode.


Of course there are other uses for a barcode. Here’s the one I’m most familiar with.


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Finding the Daily Media Trends

I read the 95 websites you should totally bookmark on techradar and the title doesn’t lie. I wanted to share because it is totally awesome.  It provides you a snapshot of what the trends are around the world and nation, and in the topics of sports, health and technology.  Really cool way to take a quick glance and see what the world is talking about today.


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The Letterman Confession

confession-lettermanReputation is a funny thing.  It takes years to build up and in David Letterman’s case  only three minutes and thirty-four seconds to destroy.  It started awkwardly and without warning.  His audience giggling unaware that Letterman was unraveling a plot of blackmail by a fellow CBS employee regarding his inappropriate relations at work.  He starts out serious, then jokes when the topic turned to sex and ends his personal confession in a mockingly way towards his accuser.

The interwebs were buzzing today with personal opinion of Letterman, but I wanted to take a look at this move from a reputation management perspective.

Why I Think Letterman Confessed

Letterman has built a career of inviting celebrity guests on his show and asking them difficult questions about their personal lives.  He, along with Jay Leno and Jon Stewart, made careers off of the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky sex scandal. His product is taking a humor(less) approach to other people’s misfortune.

joaquinphoenix-lettermanSo, if Dave Letterman doesn’t go on air first and talk about the allegations being made of him and discloses the pending extortion investigation, than it becomes almost impossible for him to ask any other celebrity about the decisions they’ve made.

Even though his jokes were strange and seem odd now, he needed to be the first to make fun of himself.  I could even imagine Biff Henderson hitting the “Applause” sign to urge the audience to laugh, even though they’re confused.

I remember watching the Joaquin Phoenix disaster that was an interview and thinking, “why is Letterman being such a jerk to him. This has to be a bit. He has to see this.”

But Letterman didn’t relent. And now, it seems America isn’t relenting on him.  Letterman is in the business of making fun of others. He points out the obvious and makes jokes no one else thought of, or makes the joke everyone was thinking.  He’s even made jokes that he’s had to take back, showing the fine line of funny he walks every night.

For Letterman he can be relived that he’s shed the reputation of being the guy Leno screwed over to replace Carson at the Tonight Show desk.  However, in this new spotlight, the reputation may be replaced with: Well, he got what he deserved.


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Google Celebrates Peace Through Gandhi

Google used its logo to celebrate the birthday of the “great soul” Gandhi today.  Very cool addition to the Google art collection.  This isn’t the first time I’ve had a piece of Gandhi art. When I was managing the Apple store within a store at the local CompUSA, Apple discontinued the “Think Different’ campaign and I was fortunate enough to get the ceiling hanger of Gandhi.  It was a pretty sweet 4 foot by 6 foot banner.  Happy Birthday, Gandhi.


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