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I Need a Drink

Google celebrates NASA’s find that there’s water in them there craters…


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Google Thanks the Real Hero’s

Google Art honors America’s veterans.


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More Sesame Street Fun

3! 3! Google Art pictures with Sesame Street in it!


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Google and Gromit

On the same day Google U.S. gave us the Sesame Street reference, Google U.K. pays homage to the 20th anniversary of Wallace & Gromit.


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I can Read Google Art

40 years ago the world learned the letter G.


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Where’s Your Brand’s Gift Shop

walt-disney-world-769770-722119Last week I had the opportunity to visit Walt DisneyWorld and was reminded at how fast and fun the fascination of a mouse and his friends comes back.  The main street and rides were the same as I remembered them. There were new rides and new characters, but for the most part the breathtaking castle, the always present upbeat music was there and the magic was everywhere.

Eventually, I was able to go on a ride or two. And, I shouldn’t say this, but the best time to go to Disney is in October, because there were no lines. So, the rides.

In the lines leading to the ride, the ride’s theme is overwhelming. Images, sounds of the main characters are everywhere. In line, you see the same 7-8 people a couple of times as they weave through the bars in parallel.  Captivated, like-minded audiences of people all about to undergo the same character or “brand” experience.

The ride is quick and it’s usually fun. Although, Snow White was not a family favorite.  And, when the ride is over. Before the laughs stop. Before the stories and memories fade to the next ride, you’re immediately thrown into a gift shop full of clothing, toys, trinkets, costumes, etc.

The smart folks at Disney are smart. They don’t let you forget about the wonderful experience you just had. They don’t want to let you get away until you have something to hold you over until the next 20 or so years when you come back.

So, what opportunity are you providing for people who enjoy your brand to never forget. When they leave the ride what will they hold on to?

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