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How to Pitch the AP

Some interesting insights from the two AP editors on how they prefer to be pitched.  Not too surprising, it starts with plenty of leg work, an interesting story and even more interesting characters.  I’ll let the AP editors tell you the rest.

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Ad Lingo Bingo

It was a Tuesday night.  I engaged in a fierce battle to the death…of blackberry battery and my materialistic memory. 

I entered this battle knowing that I was up against a true titan.  The battle?  Quote advertising tag lines that use only 3 words.  Not 2. Not 4. THREE!!!

My competition?  Steve Pacheco. Maybe you know him as the FedEx director of advertising.  The guy behind some of the most famous Super Bowl advertisements in the history of the event.  You can see what kind of superior match I was up against. 

The battle waged for hours.  I firmly believe he was using Google to help him, although he probably wasn’t.  What he didn’t know was I used the brains of my Global Communications teammates. 

And the winner was?  Ad agencies. The very ad agencies who seared these unforgettable three word tag lines in the collective memory.  How many can you add to the list? 

  1. MC Fly the dog
  2. SP Be the ball.
  3. M Taste the rainbow
  4. C Feel the heat.
  5. M Ride the wave
  6. C Just do it.
  7. M This is like ad lingo bingo
  8. S I can do this all night.  You will lose.
  9. M Does a body good
  10. S You broke the 3 word rule. – Quicker picker upper
  11. M Quench your thirst
  12. S Finger lickin good
  13. M Takes a lickin’
  14. S Breakfast of Champions!
  15. M Like a Rock
  16. S Obey your thirst.
  17. M Snap Crackle Pop
  18. S I’m lovin’ it.
  19. M We try harder
  20. S M’m! M’m! Good!
  21. M Eat fresh
  22. S Diamonds are forever.
  23. M Built Ford tough
  24. S Pause that refreshes.
  25. M Imagination at work
  26. S I’m a Pepper!
  27. M Mikey likes it
  28. S Bayer works wonders
  29. M The real thing
  30. S Take Me Away
  31. M Feel the burn
  32. S Image is everything
  33. M Army of one
  34. S Eat More Chicken.
  35. M Spirit of Australia
  36. S Citi Never Sleeps.
  37. M Do no evil
  38. S Look, no cavities!
  39. M Coke is it!
  40. S “Where’s The Beef?”
  41. M Share the moment
  42. S Army of One
  43. M Already used! You lose…Philly is Phun
  44. S The Un Cola.
  45. M I <3 NY
  46. S His Masters Voice
  47. M Be a champion
  48. S The Friendly Skies.
  49. S 4 words…fly the friendly skies THREE WORDS ONLY
  50. M Leggo my eggo
  51. S Make it Mike’s.
  52. M Good stuff inside
  53. S A Breed Apart
  54. M Champagne of beers
  55. S It’s The Cheesiest!
  56. M King of beers
  57. S No  More Tears.
  58. M The right stuff
  59. S Absolutely, positively overnight! GOOD NIGHT !!
  60. M Relax its fedex. Well played
  61. S Be Absolutely Sure!


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Promotion and Shameless Promotion

Hey y’all. Sorry I’ve been neglecting the blog…again. I think I have a decent excuse.  I’ve been busy. 

First, there was the holiday shipping season. Then came Haiti. Next came Pandas. And in between all of that I was promoted to Global Communications Manager of Media Relations at FedEx. 

It’s an exciting time. 

So, here’s the shameless promotion, just to get it over with.  :)

Socially challenged

“If you look at social media as a channel instead of a new frontier, it becomes more tangible,” Ceniceros said. “From a media relationship standpoint, the way we talk to print isn’t the same way we talk to broadcast, for example. As the business world becomes more sophisticated in using social media, its special way of being addressed will become more sophisticated as well.”

5 Things FedEx Has Learned about Managing Relationships through Social Media

“As a member of the FedEx media relations team, I tweet and blog, help internal bloggers create and manage posts, and handle other elements of our social media activities. I’d like to share five key points we’ve learned about managing relationships through social media, because I think the lessons are applicable to companies of any size.”

Until next time…

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