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A Talk with an Innovator

I had the special opportunity to talk with a man whose innovations and work have propelled the computing and consumer electronics industry forward for the past 20 years.  During the hour conversation with him, he covered a lot of ground and I hope to put it in writing soon…or not because he’ll probably write a book one day.

But as he discussed his method of mentoring and innovative thinking, he referred to Bob Lutz’ 8 Laws of Business.  In fact, he shot up out of his desk and handed out a photocopy of Gutz that had the following Laws on the inside flap. Thought I could share those for now and process the rest of the conversation for later.

  • The customer isn’t always right
  • The primary purpose of business isn’t “to make money”
  • When everybody else is doing it, don’t
  • Too much quality can ruin you
  • Financial controls are bad
  • Disruptive people are an asset
  • Teamwork isn’t always good

One of the things he said that sums up this list nicely, “if the customer has to ask for it, you’re too late.”

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