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Personalization, Not Social Media will be the Biggest Trend in 2011

It’s that time of the year when everyone produces their top 10, 7, 5, 3 lists of 2010 and others give their predictions for the coming year which are only extensions of the trends seen the year before.  This is not a list.  Rather, it’s just a statement of one trend that I think is coming in a big way: personalization.

We’ve all seen 2010 define, at least for companies, social media as a tool.  About time! Web strategist and social CRM pioneer, Jeremiah Owyang predicts 2011 is the year of integration for SCRM.  But what that means for consumers is this year will be all about personalization.

The 4 M’s: Media, Movies, Music and Mobile

Segmenting the way we receive media is not a new idea, we’ve had RSS feeds and Google alerts for awhile. But the ability to customize our own media experiences will explode this coming year.  using Facebook connect and single-sign-on, consumers will start to carve out their online viewing preferences by providing marketers insight into how they surf.

When Netflix announce its new streaming only service, it signaled a shift and preemptive attack on the consumer trend of selecting a movie and wanting it now.  Even HBO could possibly go streaming and not need to be tethered to costly cable plans.  GoogleTV and Sony are making it easier to view online content on your TV and bringing this self-selection model that won the internet for Google is about to come to the TV.

Music. Pandora. Grooveshark. iTunes. Cheaper, better quality and more programming and the ability to create your own stations around artists you like. The thumbs up rating in Pandora is a thumbs up for personalization in 2011.

Mobile has been a trend that is coming like a freight train.  It’s not new. But it will grow. Search “smartphone growth” and you’ll see all the jaw dropping figures for yourself. eCommerce, internet, social media, global economies are all effected by the rise of smartphones.  These phones combined with their Apps allow consumers to personalize and manage their life.  Companies like FourSquare and GoWalla will battle to provide businesses the ability to personalize their consumer experience once someone checks in.  What all this check in data will turn into is buying habits and behavior.  Mobile is such an exciting space right now and really its true power won’t be seen in 2011.

These are just my thoughts on how next year will go. With audiences being so segmented now, it’s only inevitable that personal experiences are the next frontier.  Humanization and accessibility of/to brands boils down to being personal.

Don Lucchesi said, “it’s not personal, it’s business. ” Watch 2011 to be about making business personal. And for consumers to further personalize their media consumption.

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