A Lesson on Twitter from Florida State

ImageI had to share this excellent explanation of why the Florida State football team was banned from using Twitter during the summer from head coach Jimbo Fisher.  This is very straightforward and doesn’t once mention customers, corporate reputation, engagement or any of the other social media bingo terminology.

Right now we’re on a Twitter ban because I think we abused the responsibility. And I think it is a responsibility because you’re representing yourself, your family and the organization, and you have to do things the right away and you gotta understand the ramifications of words. Words are the most powerful thing we have, and as soon as they’re associated with your name – no matter if you retweeted them, if you tweeted them, no matter what happens – that’s stuck to you for life. And I think we’re constantly trying to educate our guys, understand the power of it.

He goes on to use a bad analogy of how Twitter is like a hand gun, but we’ll let history just remember the good part of the statement.

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