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Outsourcing PR? There’s a Platform for That

ImageCame across this news on TechCrunch about a PR startup, AirPR, that’s building a platform to help start-ups and big company’s with PR support.

We can all agree that PR is a tool in a marketing plan, as much as a hammer is a tool in belt. If you don’t know how to swing a hammer or pick the right nail for the material being used, it’s the fault of the user and not the tool? Yes? And are companies are really spending $50K without a scope of work?

And, I still don’t understand what this means:

The mission, according to AirPR’s founder, is to decrease the friction for the PR professional, while increasing efficacy for the client — a mission that, if it is followed-through, could bring a huge benefit to startups and big companies alike.

You can read more about it on TechCrunch. And visit AirPR.

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