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POV on the Internet of Things

Below is a collection of articles I’ve written and been published on the topic of Internet of Things. Publications range from IoT-focused publications, industry groups, academia and the investor community. Image

B2Community: The Internet of Things Ecosystem: The Value is Greater than the Sum of its “THINGS”

The Internet of Things Council (EU): Matt Ceniceros: The Internet of Things Ecosystem: The Value is Greater than the Sum of its “THINGS

UbiquiT: Internet of Things: An Introduction for Communicators

Yahoo Small Business: Will the U.K. Be the Internet of Things Champion?

B2Community: Microsoft and Intel Aren’t Going to Let History Repeat Itself

UbiquiT: Breaking down Cisco’s Cloud plan for Internet of Things

UbiquiT: What industries will the Internet of Things impact most?

Seeking Alpha: Nokia Has Breached $8 – Yes To Smartwatch, Yes To Smart Maps Advanced Semiconductor Engineering: Integrated Solutions And Technology Leadership Keep It Ahead Of The Competition

Citron Research: The Biggest Tech Investment Opportunity of the Year…. Hiding Right Under Wall Street’s Nose!



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Twitter Jerseys – Golden State Warriors shoot for 140 characters

ImageHow do you make professional athletes even more popular online? One NBA team has a good answer. Direct fans to the players’ social network presence. The Golden State Warriors have outfitted their players with warm-up shirts that displays their Twitter handle, where normally their name would be. The team has a special hashtag for this shirt, #GSWSocial, as part of an overall social activation campaign. This is like walking, dribbling, shooting digital ad. 

You’ll remember back a couple of seasons when Mississippi State painted the schools battlecry, #hailstate, as a hashtag in their endzone.Image

These are two very interesting ways sports teams are using their facilities and players as a way to drive social engagement. Are big-box retailers, business with truck fleets and other significant “publicly viewed properties” using their assets to the fullest potential? Probably not. 

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How Brands said, “I <3 You" this Valentine’s Day



Dunkin Donuts – Check out the company’s Pinterest page for more.










Dell’s Recruiting Department


Southwest Airlines


Delta Airlines


The Patriots #gopats




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The Comcast | Time Warner Deal by the Numbers

ImageThe mega merger announced yesterday has certainly created some shockwaves in the world of entertainment and media. Comcast’s bid to buy Time Warner is a big deal. Literally. Here’s what the deal looks like by the numbers.

#1 – Comcast is the nation’s largest cable company

#2 – Time Warner Cable is the second biggest cable company

$45B – The offerby Comcast to buy Time Warner

$159 – The buyout share price

70% – The combined reach of the U.S. population the two companies enjoy

½ – Comcast and Time Warner provide half of the “triple play” services offered for U.S. consumers (cable, web and phone)

33M – The number of broadband connections delivered by the two companies

$18B – The combined broadband revenue for the two companies

33B – The combined number of cable subscribers in 2013 (Although Comcast is indicating it will divest up to 3 million subscribers in the deal)

147,300 – Number of employees of the combined company 


Sources:  Adweek, The Verge, BusinessInsider, GigaOm, Marketwatch

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Incentivizing the Bully at Work

ImageBarclays, the British bank, has revisited the ways it compensates its employees by looking at not only their performance, but also the way they behave with coworkers and customers. The policy adjustment is fascinating, and it will be interesting if more companies follow.

I’m sure most people who have worked in a corporate setting have run into a workplace bully.  They usually reserve their best bullying behavior in conference rooms or on emails. You know the email where you just stare at your screen and don’t know whether to feel sorry for you or them.

What is interesting about the Barclays announcement is an individual’s performance will only be worth half of their total comp. The other 50 percent will come from internal relationships and feedback from their clients and customers. 

The WSJ provided these details of the Barclays policy:

“Barclays advisers will receive about half of their pay in the form of a monthly payment; the other half will be paid out every three months, according to people familiar with the new arrangement. While both payments will be based on a production formula similar to that at other firms, the quarterly payment also takes into account values-based criteria that include professional conduct and customer complaints. Poor performance in these areas could lead to a reduced payout.”

So, how prominent is workplace bullying? So prominent there’s actually a Workplace Bullying Institute (WBI) that has been established to track and report on the trend. The WBI conducts a survey every four years. Their findings from the 2010 round are pretty interesting:

  • 35% of workers had experienced bullying firsthand 
  • 62% of bullies are men; 58% of targets are women
  • Women bullies target women in 80% of cases 

The last statement makes sense because the majority (68%) of bullying is same-gender harassment. Research published in the journal Human Performance seems to agree; the study found that workplace bullies are more likely to single out colleagues they consider unattractive. What does that say about same-sex judgment?

Help Coming?

Maybe.  Individual states have been trying to put a “Healthy Workplace Bill” into legislation to give some legal and regulatory protection over employees; this makes sense since researchers at the University of British Columbia found that bullying bosses are more likely to achieve high social status. That study looked at the role dominance played into influence and authority. If the boss is a bully, then maybe the employee sitting in the cube needs some governmental air cover.

A CareerBuilder study published in 2012 found that the most common bullying tactics were: falsely accused of making mistakes, being ignored and used different standards/policies than what was used with other workers.

To summarize, don’t be mean. No matter how far it gets you. 

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Quick Take: Facebook’s New Status Update Feature

Quick Take: Facebook's New Status Update Feature

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April 10, 2013 · 4:03 pm

Outsourcing PR? There’s a Platform for That

ImageCame across this news on TechCrunch about a PR startup, AirPR, that’s building a platform to help start-ups and big company’s with PR support.

We can all agree that PR is a tool in a marketing plan, as much as a hammer is a tool in belt. If you don’t know how to swing a hammer or pick the right nail for the material being used, it’s the fault of the user and not the tool? Yes? And are companies are really spending $50K without a scope of work?

And, I still don’t understand what this means:

The mission, according to AirPR’s founder, is to decrease the friction for the PR professional, while increasing efficacy for the client — a mission that, if it is followed-through, could bring a huge benefit to startups and big companies alike.

You can read more about it on TechCrunch. And visit AirPR.

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