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Dogs and War: From Wagging Tails to Tears

I’ve always been a dog lover. This week provided two very good reasons everyone should have the experience of caring for one. Unfortunately, both reasons are tied to the wars this country is currently engaged in and the story’s do not have the same happy ending.

I fell in love with Emmitt Thunderpaws (@e_thunderpaws) earlier this week! This huge Great Dane looks like a puppy jumping into the arms of his returning solider. This is the absolute picture of joy and love a dog can give. Smiles all around. The full video can be watched on Emmitt’s YouTube page.

And then later this week, the emotional pendulum swung a different direction.The image brings tears to your eyes with just one glance. A loyal and sad dog, lovingly laying by his solider’s side as he rests in eternal peace. There is no joy in this image, only the reminder that war effects everyone.

This is from the Discovery blog:

The dog of slain Petty Officer Jon Tumilson refused to leave his side during the Navy SEAL’s funeral earlier this week in Rockford, Iowa. The heartbreaking photo taken by his cousin, Lisa Pembleton, shows Tumilson’s dog Hawkeye 


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